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Honey Collection Honey Foaming Cleanser 150ml HFC Preorder

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The Honey Collection Limited

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Cleanse and revive dull, sluggish skin by lifting away impurities and dissolving grime with this gentle Manuka honey and Seaweed foaming cleanser.

Sweet Features
+ Gentle enough for daily use. 
pH balanced- gentle, non-drying foam helps avoid stripping and disrupting your skin’s natural protective defences.
+ Powerful antioxidants help stimulate cellular regeneration and growth by re-balancing and supporting supple skin.
Purifies, detoxifies and tones as it cleanses.

How To Use
With moistened face and fingers, apply a generous amount, massaging in circular motions, paying extra attention to problem areas.
Rinse with warm water or a warm, damp cloth. Pat dry with a clean towel. 

Skin Concerns
Congestion, dullness, daily grime build-up, sensitivity

Key Ingredients

honey comb-691 new zealand seaweed nz harakeke flax glycerin
UMF™ 15+ Mānuka Honey New Zealand Seaweed Extract Harakeke Extract Glycerin


TQC crown + name Small

The Queens Collection is the embodiment of skincare luxury for all woman- skincare for women who are daring and creative, sophisticated, refined, with impeccable taste and who have a fierce point of view. Women who love themselves and know they deserve the best. 

We work with the purest New Zealand Seaweed, authentic UMF 15+ Manuka honey, along with scientifically engineered ingredients with high bioavailability. We suspend these actives in a foundation of effective, safe ingredients to ensure our skincare not only transforms your skin but also protects it from pollutants and environmental stress. 

Our high potency formulas are brimming with these powerful actives which have been clinically proven to give your skins natural regenerative abilities the ultimate boost. Recapture the gift of youth and discover beautiful skin that feels and looks smoother, firmer and more luminous.

Luxury worthy for royalty.