Ariki Small Cross Pendant GP821

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The cross is one of the most ancient human symbols and has been used by many nationalities as a magnificent emblem of their faith. Our beautifully elegant piece of Jewellery symbolises this significance perfectly.

  • 22 Carat Gold Plate
  • Approximate measurements: 32mm x 24mm
  • Supplied on an 18 inch chain. Jewellery box included

Caring for your Ariki jewellery

A silver cloth is the perfect partner to care for your Ariki jewellery. A quick rub over the cabochon and the setting from time to time will ensure that it remains in sparkling condition, provided that the following advice is followed:

Never expose the jewellery to detergents, perfumes or hair sprays. Ingredients in these items can penetrate the lacquer and cause damage to the cabochon (shell) and sometimes to the setting.
As with any item of jewellery it is advisable to remove it prior to participating in any vigorous activity that may cause damage through contact.

If swimming ALWAYS remove your jewellery. Swimming pool chemicals will harm the cabochon and will eventually also cause harm to the setting and plating. Ocean swimming will harm the setting and will eventually lift the protective lacquer on the cabochon and allow dirt and grit to damage the cabochon.