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Antipodes Moisture-Boost Lipsticks are so healthy you could almost eat them! Made from non-toxic, edible ingredients such as avocado oil and evening primrose oil, Moisture-Boost Lipsticks are safe but also condition as they color, helping to keep lips soft and plumped in appearance.

Colors Available:

01 Kiwi Seed Oil Lip Conditioner (ANTI01)

02 Golden Bay Nectar (ANTI02)

03 Queenstown Hot Chocolate (ANTI03)

04 Boom Rock Bronze (ANTI04)

05 Piha Beach Tangerine (ANTI05)

06 West Coast Sunset (ANTI06)

07 South Pacific Coral (ANTI07)

08 Dusky Sound Pink (ANTI08)

09 Dragon Fruit Pink (ANTI09)

10 Remarkably Red (ANTI10)

11 Ruby Bay Rouge (ANTI11)

12 Forest Berry Red (ANTI12)

13 Oriental bay Plum (ANTI13)